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Never thought people could be so unforgiving. Unwilling to let go and open up for reconciliation. I have sent numerous messages without response, texts and even calls.

What have I done to deserve such punishment?

I have no other intention but to not have any enemy. Not to have anyone harbouring grudge on me, specially people I knew.

I am trying my best to reach out. And I still don’t want to give up. But, until when?

This world is very small, I even met people I know in places I never thought we’d meet.

Someday, somewhere we will bump into each other and I don’t want to be the only one smiling and not feeling awkward when that time comes.

C’mon people, forgive. Let go of your anger. Open up. Move on. Be humane!

Posted by: Junker | 8 June , 2011

My First Time in 15 Years

It was in 1996 that I did a major mountain climb. I remember it was in Mt. Banahaw in Tayabas, Quezon. I sparingly climbed two minor mountains in the early 2000 with my friends at work. Mt. Batulao in Batangas and Pico de Loro (where is this?).

After 15 years of not carrying big backpack, I joined my friends James Mllen, Nhan Sulit and Jen Castro in a multi-day climb in a mountain I will attempt to climb for the first time, Mt. Madja-as in the province of Antique.

It didn’t feel like it was 15 years. Everything felt and looked familiar. It’s as if my last climb was just a week prior to this. The only difference, as in every climb is the camaraderie. Sometimes, climbers go home as enemies. Most of the time, they become closer to each other. experiencing the same things in the mountains forge deeper friendship making the climb, successful or not, memorable.

Months before, during the planning of this climb, I am not really sure if I would go. I don’t have the equipment for climbing. I thought I’d given up on misery. And, I never looked back to something I already left. I told my self, I already enjoyed it so, that’s it. The next time wouldn’t be as exciting for me.

Well, this is my first time in this mountain. Not the last, I promise. The first time I’d be climbing with biker friends and first time I’d be climbing with the team leader in more than 20 year. Is that right?

Many first times happened to me in this climb. They enamored me to climbing again. I realized the mistakes i made, and took notes of the things I’d need for my next climbs.

What surprised me is the absence of excitement in climbing. I didn’t have it in me in this climb. It felt natural and ordinary. I didn’t mind waking up in rainy midnight and trekking in the dark. Negotiating steep trails and tall grass. I didn’t mind the hunger, pains, blood sucking insects that invaded even my private parts.

OK, i will now try to finish this blog. I have been drafting this for the third time now.

I don’t know, but I am craving to climb another mountain again. Is it inherent in me to be a vagabond? I am raring to go back and finish this one. One thing I know, I’ll be back in Madja-as, I’ll be prepared and I won’t go down without reaching the summit.

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I’m faced with odd choices….

Whether I choose one or the other purely depends on me.

I am choosing one but the other is battling against it………

It’s the heart against the mind.

The heart decides without thinking and the mind, it’s verdict devoid of emotion.

Which one I choose?

Elect to use both?

Posted by: Junker | 30 May , 2011

Impossible Choices

I can’t keep still. I keep stirring that I have to get up from the couch I’m sitting on to turn the computer on and write.

I have never been this troubled. I’m sure it’s not an effect of the supplement I’m taking. This is something else. I’d like to express something. My mind says don’t but my heart is telling me otherwise. It is telling me to pour it out, but where? How? To whom?

I never thought I’d still find someone significant but can never be completely mine. On the surface I know very well what to do, but there is an undercurrent of chaos trying to loose itself from my grip. I am struggling against my self.

I am searching for ways to escape. But, the ways I found seems just poor excuses to keep it temporarily off me. I know, it sticks to me like my own scent. I can’t shake it off.

The inner tug-of-war is ripping me in two. Why is this thing has to happen?

Posted by: Junker | 18 May , 2011

Motivate Me

Writing is kind of liberating for me. I don’t write much, but when I’m not I try to save the thoughts I wanted to write in my mind, hoping I’d remember them when I sit in front of my pc.

I remember long ago when a friend, who is now a successful book writer and lecturer, lent me a book by Ray Bradbury “Writing With Gusto”. I took to heart the principles the author laid down. I don’t mind if I’m writing in correct grammar, spelling or tone. I am writing down what my mind is telling me and that makes me happy. Much like a musician who plays his music, it really doesn’t matter if the listeners likes his music or not. What’s important is the expression of one’s self, in a musicians case is his music.

I have been this feeling for two days now and I’m reluctant to write it down. Upon hearing the news that the mountain bike race I’m preparing for since March is not going to push through, I feel like someone I know just died. He won’t be around anymore.

I couldn’t say I didn’t gain anything from my preparations and training. I know I became stronger and my riding skills improved. Yes, I became better than before I started focusing my sight in the race.

I don’t like to say that I just wasted two months of my life for nothing. The time spent away from my family. Though, they may just be a couple of hours or less, still they are times spent away from them. I would never say I’d just spent money eating ridiculous amount of carbohydrates instead of eating what I really wanted. When I’m in sports training, I tend to classify my food in organic compositions.

Thinking how to improve my self and my machine for the race costs me time and resources, but I don’t want to think I did those things senselessly.

I lost a goal. I lost a motivation. I’m worried I’m losing interest. I’m no longer excited about anything, for now. I just want to stay at home, laze around, sit on the couch and watch History and Biography channel the whole day. I still find it a little difficult because the energy I had is still fizzling in me.

I still clean and wash my jerseys and bike’s drivetrain after every ride. I still find a window in my family time to do a ride. And I still feel that time away from the saddle is time I need to make up for. I still have a little of this need to keep in good shape. Ready for any ride or race.

I sometimes find my self thinking that I should start joining group rides. Maybe, I’d get the excitement back. I try not to justify that I’m better and enjoying it a lot when I’m riding alone.

Now, I am considering going back to a weights gym. I have this need in me to be constantly moving and keeping my self in good shape and health. At the back of my mind I’m trying to keep maladies in my genes at bay. Both my parental families are plagued with diseases of the heart, high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, etc. And I don’t want those things to get to me if I can fend them off. My father died of cardiac arrest due to stroke, three years ago. He smoked heavily since his teens.

I am happy with my discipline when I’m motivated or having a goal. And I’d really like to keep at it. It doesn’t matter if I win or lose, they’re both sources of learning for me. I just wish to keep these things in me.

Posted by: Junker | 15 May , 2011

Afraid No More

I dreaded Buhisan. It’s always on my mind, but I don’t want to go there, specially by my self. And why? The last time I rode there, I was with JD. We started past 3 in the afternoon from Kalunasan. We were still inside the the trails at past 7pm. I was ultra weakling. We had no lights, no blinkers and we ran out of water. We were blind as bats. Our cyclometer told us we we doing 3 km/hr., on the downhill. What the heck?!

Well, not only that. The start of that route from either side are killer climbs. I couldn’t see any flat except on the hairpin curve which is the way down to Buhisan water shed and dam. Well, that’s a sweet part IF you’re on your way down going to Labangon exit.

Today, this afternoon, I left home at past 12 noon, half-hearted that I will do Buhisan.

I entered Kalunasan at 1250 and reached the peak after 21 minutes. Wow, I used to do this trail in 30. And I was conserving my strength by using low gear. My confidence is sky high. The reason I left at that insanely hot time is because I wanted to get back home before dark. The memory of our last ride will not be erased in my mind. Anyway, I chose to be a biker so, why should I be afraid to get dark.

I surprised my self when I didn’t stop in the initial cardiac arrest-inducing climbs. I briefly stopped to answer an SMS from Jaymz, then I continued on. I’m doing good time with my ride, not stopping on climbs. My supplements works hehe!

When I got to those places where I had to stop to wait for JD (he’s got weak eyes in dark too), I know I’ll make it down to Labangon with plenty of light left. But when I reached the zig-zag exit of Buhisan at 1430, all the fright and dread I have for Buhisan flew out the window. That’s it! I did the whole trail in 1:40 from the entrance to Kalunasan.

I had a glimpse of my cyclometer on the way down the Buhisan water shed. I’m doing 60 km/hr. Woohooo!

I’m writing this blog today and it’s not even 1700 yet. With this new-found confidence, I know I will do it again, and again.

“Ride the trails of Cebu before they’re gone”

Posted by: Junker | 16 March , 2011

World Of Confusion

What am I doing?

I’m riding my bike more than I used to. Logging more saddle time and mostly on the mountains. I’m doing core exercises and many sit ups. I tinker a lot on my bike, I eat ridiculous amount of pasta and oats and I stopped drinking Coke!

I open and voraciously read a lot of training for racing books and websites.

Then, there’s my other set of friends and we’re planning to climb a mountain in Antique on the month of May. By the way, I’m joining a mountain bike race in June. That’s the reason for my change of biking style.

I started riding mountain bike in 2005, when I decided I’ve had enough of climbing. I’m getting older and my body’s getting heavier, grrrr! And never in all those years of biking I ever entered in any race. I just enjoy the long rides, the camaraderie and, mostly riding solo anywhere.

I remember one holy week and I decided to ride to San Fernando, Pampanga from our house in Sta. Maria. I had fun and saw a lot of bikers on the way. Ate my lunch with a bunch of lanky roadies in San Fernando and shared tons of stories and jokes.

That was a blast, however, I went home all bloodied my mom almost fainted in shock when she saw all the blood in my jersey, body and face. On the way back, I passed through hi-way littered with flagellants. Blood are spraying all over whenever they flog their bleeding bodies, grrrr!

Well, here I am, planning a lot of things like I was in college. Climb here, bike there, training here, drinking there, etc!

Add to all these things is my quest for work and business…………

AND, I have this ever-present craving to ride from Iloilo to Roxas then Kalibo and back. I already did Tagbilaran-Carmen (chocolate hills)-Tagbilaran in a day. And at the very dark recesses of my brain, I want to ride my bike from Ormoc, Leyte to Catbalogan, Samar. I want to cross the San Juanico bridge on bike! Well, I gotta do Panay first. When I survive, then, Leyte and Samar.

Now, how about my work in Indonesia and UAE. I’m awaiting a notice from our client for Indonesia and my former senior engineer is expecting me to be in the desert of UAE by June. Come what may, says Russel Hitchcock of Air Supply. A race in June 19 and a trip to the middle east on the same month, whatever!

Do I need to go to middle east to work? Am I paying home mortgage? NO!

Will I miss my bike? Do I have work here? YES!

Posted by: Junker | 12 March , 2011


I’m about to roll yesterday afternoon when I saw dark cloud hovering over the hill I’m planning to climb. And all of a sudden, light shower commenced. I closed the gate behind me and returned inside the house. I undressed, parked the bike and began some quad, core and upper body exercises.

First, I did that squat that had me leaning on a wall, keeping my quads parallel to the ground. Man, it shook my legs to the core. I did 3 or 4 sets of 1 minute each, and I can’t go back to standing position after each set. It looked so simple, but it will rock your world. Then, I went out the back of the house and did 4-5 sets of pull ups in repetitions of 6. Now my lats are fried. It’s been a while since I last did pull-ups. And, in between sets of pull-ups, I did 3-4 sets of push-ups in reps of 20. 30 reps used to be chicken feed, now my pecs and triceps are also fried.

I also did a few sets of power bridge, plank, scissors kick and catapult. Then I put on the UCI Dalby Forest Men’s XC race on the player. I had to put it to a halt after a couple of laps. I feel like I’m gonna throw up due to the pacing those blokes are doing in technical terrain. I began to question my self. That’s the kind of pacing I will expect in the race in June. I formulated a weekly chant, however and it goes like this “I got 12 more weeks to train” and so on and so forth. Changing the number of week every week.

This morning, I woke up very early feeling uneasy about my tummy. A quick trip to the CR relieved me of my discomfort hehe! The fiber in my diet is working! Then I unrolled my yoga mat and did four core exercises; power bridge, plank, side plank and bird dog.

Now, I’m sipping my coffee after a cup of fiber drink. Hmmmmm, I’m feeling funny again in my tummy. Gotta go!

Posted by: Junker | 11 March , 2011

Base Training

I got 12 weeks before my very first mtb race. It will be in June 19 and I just started my training 3 days ago. I know I got a lot of grounds to cover to get to a good shape by race week. Most of the racers that day have years of experiences and trainings on their belt, the odds are stocked against me. Well, I have nothing to lose and they got everything to prove.

I’m giving my self 2 weeks of base training, doing lots of hill climbs concentrating on spinning and leg works. As much as I can, I plan to ride the hills 4-5 days and a long, flat recovery ride at the end of climb-days. I’m combining these workouts with core strengthening exercises in the morning and a little tweaking in my diet. No more empty carbs and sugar, replacing them with protein, fibers and vitamins.

After the two week base training, I’d be doing intervals twice weekly, on flats and some gym workouts concentrating in power. I’d still be doing hill climbs though it will also become twice a week, in between interval days, and long flats still on the last day of the week. planning to do these for 3 weeks.

On the 6th week, I’m planning to do my intervals on the hills, twice a week and doing long flats twice a week as well, reducing my ride time to 4 times a week for two weeks.

On the 8th week, I’d do mountain sprints twice weekly for another two weeks and one long flats making my ride time 3 times a week. By this time, my carb consumption will be more than double when I started and the protein significantly higher, because I will continue my gym workouts supplementing my leg works with upper body exercises.

On the 10th week till race week on the 12th, I’d be tapering my ride and gym time. Twice on the gym weekly and 3-4 times on the bike, mostly on the hills. No more long flats these last phase.

I’m not sure if my plan is good. Should anyone of you out there read about this, please kindly comment and I would greatly appreciate it. The cliche is, it’s better than having no plan at all.

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Today’s Training Ride

Planning to ride Budlaan up and down, but little Adie didn’t want me to go out of their classroom, so my palnned ride is choptered. Nevermind, I have fall-back climb, a quick-cadence ride at Kalunasan.

To be continued…..

Here’s the continuation. I just go home from a solo ride in Kalunasan, up and down same route. It’s the same Kalunasan where Pualbaguio won in time-trial. Imagine, he just climbed it for time-trial!!!!

Anyway, I took the climb in exactly 25 minutes from the entrance at the back of Guadalupe church. Took some photos on the windy plateau then ride down the same route I climbed. Damn, it was scary. This is the first time I went down this route.

I went down the same route because I find the usual downhill route to be boring and and littered with lots of people. Never did I know I’d get a thrill going down the same way up. For sure, I’d do it again hehehe!

Took me 1:35’00” back-to-back. My total energy expenditure is 951 kCal, my ave. hr is 140 bpm and maximum hr is 170 bpm. My resting hr this morning is 60 bpm. Gotta lower it down.

I covered a distance of 23.92 kms. back-to-back, averaging at 15.6 km/hr. My downhill max velocity is 38.1 km/hr. My odometer reading is 1041.60 km. total.

When I got home, got sms from Paulbaguio inviting me to a Thursday night ride later. Guess, I’d pass on this one.

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