Posted by: Junker | 11 February , 2012

Dryland Exercise Index Triangle

I’m supposed to ride my bike early this morning, but for reasons unbeknown, I didn’t wake up. I’ll just put the inclement weather and the low noise my alarm made as an excuse.

After some chat with my supposed triathlon team mates over the phone yesterday, I am resolved to train even if there’re only 35 days left before the race. To replace time lost in the saddle, I copied the Dryland Exercise Index Triangle workout video from my notebook to my PSP for easy access. It would be a good indoor workout if I can’t go out to ride, or so I thought.

I reviewed the video twice and wrote down the 8 exercises i will do, thinking, this may not be a piece of cake, but it’s still a cake nonetheless. I was very wrong, again!

Ok, here it is. There are eight exercises to be completed within 30 seconds each and you can take all the time you need in between. Chicken feed, right? Wrong again! You will do one exercise in 30 seconds then you rest. You will do the same exercise again in 30 seconds, then follow it up with the second exercise also in 30 seconds then you rest. Take all the time in the world and proceed with your 3rd set. Doing the first and second exercises in 30 seconds each and follow them up with the 3rd exercise in? Correct, 30 seconds. Then rest. Doing the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and top them with the 4th exercise and so on and so forth till you die!

Midway in my 3rd set, thought to my self that the dude who invented this punishment must be tough. Well, if you can see the man in the video demonstrating these exercises, he looks like a cut between Sean Connery without the facial hair (even head hair) and Randy Couture. For sure, he’s older than me. But the man is chiseled!

Before getting to set number 4, told my self this will be a walk in the park, because it was the push-ups. Very wrong again! When i got to the push-ups, my torso is shaking like the Visayan quake last Monday and I couldn’t keep a straight plank. After doing 20 or so push-ups and in less than 30 seconds, I dropped to the floor, floored. Mind you, I made a conscious effort to breath throughout this ordeal. What more if I held my breath while punishing my self.

Oh well, I’m not tough and not yet bald. But, I will be chiseled. When? I have no idea. I got to sick to this workouts, top it with rides to the mountains and sprints in the island, guess I’ll be in a good shape during the race, if I’m not dead!

I’ll take tomorrow as rest day and resume training the day after. I’ll see what part of my body wouldn’t hurt.


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