Posted by: Junker | 6 February , 2012

Trip Up North

It’s been a while. Seven months ago. That’s the last I blogged. Ok, I’ll first write a little about my trip to Baguio last December.

Firstly, thanks to my bike buddies Jaymz and Nhan for bringing me to that ride after Christmas, 2011. T’was really a blast!

Last time I visited the Pine City was in 2005, for a rope access technician training and I stayed in John Hay. Yeah the hotel where Pacman stayed. I said to my self, “wow, the bus fare is so much higher now!”.

I still like to go to Baguio City, because of the climate and the laid back lifestyle, or so I thought. It wasn’t the same Baguio City I knew, tsk, tsk. The traffic jam is now as terrible as in any crowded cities in the Philippines. It is over-populated and became dirtier. We were in Baguio as a starting and exit point to our other destinations, but I felt sad about the state it’s in now.

In 1999, I worked a an engineer in Baguio and after my first 2 weeks, I already got bored. If only there was the SM mall back then, I wouldn’t have left prematurely.

Well, what’s important is it’s still cold up there. I would like to go back, but not stay there.


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