Posted by: Junker | 6 July , 2011

Four Short Days In June

I just had a very brief visit to the big city where I used to live. I had the chance to see my long lost friends and the not so long lost ones. We had the chance to catch up on each others’ lives, relived the past and even play in a mall.

This is one of my visits where I didn’t just pass by the city and go to another, which what happened during my last visit in January and February. Though, this is also a work-related one, I just stayed in it.

I don’t know if they’ll be able to read this, but I’d like to thank the couple Caloy and Hazel Garcia for taking care of me every time I am in Manila. My brother and sister would always insist I stay with them. I love you guys! You make my heart melt. My prayers goes with you.

I enjoyed the night with another brother and sister, Jepoi and Ynna together with their children. Like when we were younger and all unmarried, we went to a mall and played with gusto at Timezone. When we’re together, we never noticed how time flies. Only, because the kids have classes the following day, that’s why we called it a night. I had great time and I already miss you. Hope to see you again soon.

Two guys I’m very happy to have seen again are Led and Ruel. It was 11 or 12 years ago when I last saw them. Now, we are determined to get together frequently when I’m in Manila. Guys, thanks for sharing your time with me, you’re still the sweet little kids I met in grade school. Don’t change, stay nice and kind!

And of course, the wild boys. My adventure gang; James, Allan and Nhan. We had a blast during my last night in Manila. reliving the climbs and rides we did. Planning our future adventures and drinking lots of beer. It was a happy night.

Allan (Lansky) remembered it was 20 years ago when we first met and I introduced him to mountain climbing. I thought it was just a couple of years ago. Nhan retold how we met in that fun mountain bike ride in the lahar of Clark in Pampanga. And James (Jaymz), the brother who reintroduced me to my former loves, mountain and rock climbing.

That four days I stayed in Manila gave me the chance to be with people very dear to me and be reconnected. We never get tired of retelling our stories over and over. It doesn’t matter if new ears will listen or not, we’re always happy with them. I think, that’s the glue that makes our friendship stick. I rarely see you guys, but it feels as if we’ve just seen each other yesterday. We know the next words that will come out off each other’s mouth. That’s how solid we are.

How I really wished we could always be together. No, it won’t happen. We belong to stronger teams now, our families. Even so, the friendship remains. The warm handshakes, sincere hugs, the true concerns and gentle advice, they make one’s heart melt.

We all promised we will get together again.

Love you guys…………..God bless us all!


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