Posted by: Junker | 15 June , 2011

In Your Face

I don’t know what is it in me why many security guards pick on me? Is it my looks? Just because I don’t drive the latest car model, dressed to kill in this torrid weather or my calm outward demeanor? I don’t understand why they don’t see the other guys around me?

I parked the car in an empty airport waiting area and waited for my mom to come out of the arrival area. Two more cars followed, the drivers got out of their vehicles, locked them and went near the exits. I stood beside the car with its door opened.

A security guard approached me and told me parking is not allowed in that area. Huh? It’s the waiting area, for Pete’s sake!

When I told him the person I’m waiting for has arrived, he replied that the airline from Manila hasn’t arrived yet and I shouldn’t be there waiting.

I told him, I already talked to my mom on the phone and she’s just waiting for her baggage from the carousel. The heroic guard, told me that PAL hasn’t arrived yet…..for the second time. Like a cobra ready to strike, I glared at him and in annoyed voice told him I wasn’t waiting for the fucking PAL. I asked him where those people waiting for their baggages came from. He couldn’t answer clearly. He’s a one-tracked mind, I noticed. All he wanted was to get rid of me in that waiting area.

I told him, “I will tell you where they came from and what airline carried them here”. I also told him “why picked on me?”. “Why don’t you talk to the owners of those two cars beside mine and ask them to leave?”. The Hijo de Putang guard is now turning green. He’s obviously a green horn among his peers, they were just looking at him. Watching how he’d react to this knuckle-dragger in brown car.

He left practically scratching his head in disbelief, that he in a clean, crisp uniform and with gun of authority is just flicked away by a barefooted asshole from his territory.

I felt sorry for him. He underestimated the opposition. Their security agency didn’t teach their guards never to step backwards when faced by formidable opponents. Much less courtesy. Either stand your ground or move forward, always. I should know, I taught it.

He would’ve have been more humiliated if he came to me face to face instead of standing on the other side of the car, talking as if in the verge of crying.

I’m doing my best to be polite and respectful to authority, but when I know I’m being bullied I can turn the table around and be the bully.

What if I return to my old obnoxious, abrasive and attitude-filled self again? An outright asshole dirtbag? I’m tempted, really because it’s so easy. Maybe no one will bother me?


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