Posted by: Junker | 11 June , 2011

Riding With My Self

Spent the day reading, ’cause I fell so down and depressed. Now, it’s time for me to write. Thanks to my long-lost friends who introduced me to love of reading and writing with gusto!

Reading introduces me to a lot of names, sends me to many places, teaches me things I don’t want to know. But, it teaches me anyway.

Now, writing liberates me. Gives me the freedom to express my thoughts, my frustrations and disappointments, my love and happiness…. I can say anything in writing.

I decided to ride my mountain bike yesterday in a mountain trail that I know will take me long to finish. I like that trail because of it’s remoteness; no vehicle passes through it, and very few people live in the area.

The trails are clean and the forest, really thick. It’s a watershed, why not? It must be protected. The dam that supplies water to the city is located inside this forest.

I no longer train for a race. I’m riding for the sake of riding itself. It is getting to be a passion for me. Well, i must admit, I’m getting stronger and healthier. That’s the plus I get from this hobby.

It has been a while since I rode in trails with other bikers. I am becoming more comfortable doing solos. It’s difficult to exchange talks while suffering on ascents, anyway. So, riding alone doesn’t pose a problem for me.

While on a serious climb, my front dérailleur failed to shift to the smallest chain ring, leaving me with just the middle and big rings to shift to. I have to harness tremendous concentration and energy in order to continue on. Otherwise, it would be very difficult for me to mount on the bike and pedal again if I suddenly stop mid-climb.

I gritted my teeth, drank my remaining water and continue on. I’m inside a forest. Great!

Not long and I reached the end of the arduous climbs and braced my self to a very long and winding down-hill ride. Heaven!

I’m getting closer to the dam, naturally the trees are getting thicker and the mid-day sun barely penetrates the forest floor. Tis is one cool place.

In all these, I really wished YOU were there with me. Enjoying everything I see and feel. I wished I’m following your every pedal stroke. Sharing small talks in-between rests and water stops. I wished we were sharing trail food and jokes. They were just wishes and only the Creator can grant them. Only Him can make our wishes come true.

Whenever I start to frequent a route, and it’s getting to be my favourite, somehow the route becomes shorter in time. Maybe because of familiarity to the place and muscle memory.

I am very sure, Buhisan trail will become my next favourite route in the days to come. I hope you could come.



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