Posted by: Junker | 10 June , 2011


Never thought people could be so unforgiving. Unwilling to let go and open up for reconciliation. I have sent numerous messages without response, texts and even calls.

What have I done to deserve such punishment?

I have no other intention but to not have any enemy. Not to have anyone harbouring grudge on me, specially people I knew.

I am trying my best to reach out. And I still don’t want to give up. But, until when?

This world is very small, I even met people I know in places I never thought we’d meet.

Someday, somewhere we will bump into each other and I don’t want to be the only one smiling and not feeling awkward when that time comes.

C’mon people, forgive. Let go of your anger. Open up. Move on. Be humane!


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