Posted by: Junker | 8 June , 2011

My First Time in 15 Years

It was in 1996 that I did a major mountain climb. I remember it was in Mt. Banahaw in Tayabas, Quezon. I sparingly climbed two minor mountains in the early 2000 with my friends at work. Mt. Batulao in Batangas and Pico de Loro (where is this?).

After 15 years of not carrying big backpack, I joined my friends James Mllen, Nhan Sulit and Jen Castro in a multi-day climb in a mountain I will attempt to climb for the first time, Mt. Madja-as in the province of Antique.

It didn’t feel like it was 15 years. Everything felt and looked familiar. It’s as if my last climb was just a week prior to this. The only difference, as in every climb is the camaraderie. Sometimes, climbers go home as enemies. Most of the time, they become closer to each other. experiencing the same things in the mountains forge deeper friendship making the climb, successful or not, memorable.

Months before, during the planning of this climb, I am not really sure if I would go. I don’t have the equipment for climbing. I thought I’d given up on misery. And, I never looked back to something I already left. I told my self, I already enjoyed it so, that’s it. The next time wouldn’t be as exciting for me.

Well, this is my first time in this mountain. Not the last, I promise. The first time I’d be climbing with biker friends and first time I’d be climbing with the team leader in more than 20 year. Is that right?

Many first times happened to me in this climb. They enamored me to climbing again. I realized the mistakes i made, and took notes of the things I’d need for my next climbs.

What surprised me is the absence of excitement in climbing. I didn’t have it in me in this climb. It felt natural and ordinary. I didn’t mind waking up in rainy midnight and trekking in the dark. Negotiating steep trails and tall grass. I didn’t mind the hunger, pains, blood sucking insects that invaded even my private parts.

OK, i will now try to finish this blog. I have been drafting this for the third time now.

I don’t know, but I am craving to climb another mountain again. Is it inherent in me to be a vagabond? I am raring to go back and finish this one. One thing I know, I’ll be back in Madja-as, I’ll be prepared and I won’t go down without reaching the summit.


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