Posted by: Junker | 15 May , 2011

Afraid No More

I dreaded Buhisan. It’s always on my mind, but I don’t want to go there, specially by my self. And why? The last time I rode there, I was with JD. We started past 3 in the afternoon from Kalunasan. We were still inside the the trails at past 7pm. I was ultra weakling. We had no lights, no blinkers and we ran out of water. We were blind as bats. Our cyclometer told us we we doing 3 km/hr., on the downhill. What the heck?!

Well, not only that. The start of that route from either side are killer climbs. I couldn’t see any flat except on the hairpin curve which is the way down to Buhisan water shed and dam. Well, that’s a sweet part IF you’re on your way down going to Labangon exit.

Today, this afternoon, I left home at past 12 noon, half-hearted that I will do Buhisan.

I entered Kalunasan at 1250 and reached the peak after 21 minutes. Wow, I used to do this trail in 30. And I was conserving my strength by using low gear. My confidence is sky high. The reason I left at that insanely hot time is because I wanted to get back home before dark. The memory of our last ride will not be erased in my mind. Anyway, I chose to be a biker so, why should I be afraid to get dark.

I surprised my self when I didn’t stop in the initial cardiac arrest-inducing climbs. I briefly stopped to answer an SMS from Jaymz, then I continued on. I’m doing good time with my ride, not stopping on climbs. My supplements works hehe!

When I got to those places where I had to stop to wait for JD (he’s got weak eyes in dark too), I know I’ll make it down to Labangon with plenty of light left. But when I reached the zig-zag exit of Buhisan at 1430, all the fright and dread I have for Buhisan flew out the window. That’s it! I did the whole trail in 1:40 from the entrance to Kalunasan.

I had a glimpse of my cyclometer on the way down the Buhisan water shed. I’m doing 60 km/hr. Woohooo!

I’m writing this blog today and it’s not even 1700 yet. With this new-found confidence, I know I will do it again, and again.

“Ride the trails of Cebu before they’re gone”


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