Posted by: Junker | 16 March , 2011

World Of Confusion

What am I doing?

I’m riding my bike more than I used to. Logging more saddle time and mostly on the mountains. I’m doing core exercises and many sit ups. I tinker a lot on my bike, I eat ridiculous amount of pasta and oats and I stopped drinking Coke!

I open and voraciously read a lot of training for racing books and websites.

Then, there’s my other set of friends and we’re planning to climb a mountain in Antique on the month of May. By the way, I’m joining a mountain bike race in June. That’s the reason for my change of biking style.

I started riding mountain bike in 2005, when I decided I’ve had enough of climbing. I’m getting older and my body’s getting heavier, grrrr! And never in all those years of biking I ever entered in any race. I just enjoy the long rides, the camaraderie and, mostly riding solo anywhere.

I remember one holy week and I decided to ride to San Fernando, Pampanga from our house in Sta. Maria. I had fun and saw a lot of bikers on the way. Ate my lunch with a bunch of lanky roadies in San Fernando and shared tons of stories and jokes.

That was a blast, however, I went home all bloodied my mom almost fainted in shock when she saw all the blood in my jersey, body and face. On the way back, I passed through hi-way littered with flagellants. Blood are spraying all over whenever they flog their bleeding bodies, grrrr!

Well, here I am, planning a lot of things like I was in college. Climb here, bike there, training here, drinking there, etc!

Add to all these things is my quest for work and business…………

AND, I have this ever-present craving to ride from Iloilo to Roxas then Kalibo and back. I already did Tagbilaran-Carmen (chocolate hills)-Tagbilaran in a day. And at the very dark recesses of my brain, I want to ride my bike from Ormoc, Leyte to Catbalogan, Samar. I want to cross the San Juanico bridge on bike! Well, I gotta do Panay first. When I survive, then, Leyte and Samar.

Now, how about my work in Indonesia and UAE. I’m awaiting a notice from our client for Indonesia and my former senior engineer is expecting me to be in the desert of UAE by June. Come what may, says Russel Hitchcock of Air Supply. A race in June 19 and a trip to the middle east on the same month, whatever!

Do I need to go to middle east to work? Am I paying home mortgage? NO!

Will I miss my bike? Do I have work here? YES!


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