Posted by: Junker | 12 March , 2011


I’m about to roll yesterday afternoon when I saw dark cloud hovering over the hill I’m planning to climb. And all of a sudden, light shower commenced. I closed the gate behind me and returned inside the house. I undressed, parked the bike and began some quad, core and upper body exercises.

First, I did that squat that had me leaning on a wall, keeping my quads parallel to the ground. Man, it shook my legs to the core. I did 3 or 4 sets of 1 minute each, and I can’t go back to standing position after each set. It looked so simple, but it will rock your world. Then, I went out the back of the house and did 4-5 sets of pull ups in repetitions of 6. Now my lats are fried. It’s been a while since I last did pull-ups. And, in between sets of pull-ups, I did 3-4 sets of push-ups in reps of 20. 30 reps used to be chicken feed, now my pecs and triceps are also fried.

I also did a few sets of power bridge, plank, scissors kick and catapult. Then I put on the UCI Dalby Forest Men’s XC race on the player. I had to put it to a halt after a couple of laps. I feel like I’m gonna throw up due to the pacing those blokes are doing in technical terrain. I began to question my self. That’s the kind of pacing I will expect in the race in June. I formulated a weekly chant, however and it goes like this “I got 12 more weeks to train” and so on and so forth. Changing the number of week every week.

This morning, I woke up very early feeling uneasy about my tummy. A quick trip to the CR relieved me of my discomfort hehe! The fiber in my diet is working! Then I unrolled my yoga mat and did four core exercises; power bridge, plank, side plank and bird dog.

Now, I’m sipping my coffee after a cup of fiber drink. Hmmmmm, I’m feeling funny again in my tummy. Gotta go!


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