Posted by: Junker | 11 March , 2011

Base Training

I got 12 weeks before my very first mtb race. It will be in June 19 and I just started my training 3 days ago. I know I got a lot of grounds to cover to get to a good shape by race week. Most of the racers that day have years of experiences and trainings on their belt, the odds are stocked against me. Well, I have nothing to lose and they got everything to prove.

I’m giving my self 2 weeks of base training, doing lots of hill climbs concentrating on spinning and leg works. As much as I can, I plan to ride the hills 4-5 days and a long, flat recovery ride at the end of climb-days. I’m combining these workouts with core strengthening exercises in the morning and a little tweaking in my diet. No more empty carbs and sugar, replacing them with protein, fibers and vitamins.

After the two week base training, I’d be doing intervals twice weekly, on flats and some gym workouts concentrating in power. I’d still be doing hill climbs though it will also become twice a week, in between interval days, and long flats still on the last day of the week. planning to do these for 3 weeks.

On the 6th week, I’m planning to do my intervals on the hills, twice a week and doing long flats twice a week as well, reducing my ride time to 4 times a week for two weeks.

On the 8th week, I’d do mountain sprints twice weekly for another two weeks and one long flats making my ride time 3 times a week. By this time, my carb consumption will be more than double when I started and the protein significantly higher, because I will continue my gym workouts supplementing my leg works with upper body exercises.

On the 10th week till race week on the 12th, I’d be tapering my ride and gym time. Twice on the gym weekly and 3-4 times on the bike, mostly on the hills. No more long flats these last phase.

I’m not sure if my plan is good. Should anyone of you out there read about this, please kindly comment and I would greatly appreciate it. The cliche is, it’s better than having no plan at all.


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