Posted by: Junker | 10 March , 2011

Today’s Training Ride

Planning to ride Budlaan up and down, but little Adie didn’t want me to go out of their classroom, so my palnned ride is choptered. Nevermind, I have fall-back climb, a quick-cadence ride at Kalunasan.

To be continued…..

Here’s the continuation. I just go home from a solo ride in Kalunasan, up and down same route. It’s the same Kalunasan where Pualbaguio won in time-trial. Imagine, he just climbed it for time-trial!!!!

Anyway, I took the climb in exactly 25 minutes from the entrance at the back of Guadalupe church. Took some photos on the windy plateau then ride down the same route I climbed. Damn, it was scary. This is the first time I went down this route.

I went down the same route because I find the usual downhill route to be boring and and littered with lots of people. Never did I know I’d get a thrill going down the same way up. For sure, I’d do it again hehehe!

Took me 1:35’00” back-to-back. My total energy expenditure is 951 kCal, my ave. hr is 140 bpm and maximum hr is 170 bpm. My resting hr this morning is 60 bpm. Gotta lower it down.

I covered a distance of 23.92 kms. back-to-back, averaging at 15.6 km/hr. My downhill max velocity is 38.1 km/hr. My odometer reading is 1041.60 km. total.

When I got home, got sms from Paulbaguio inviting me to a Thursday night ride later. Guess, I’d pass on this one.


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