Posted by: Junker | 9 March , 2011

First Training Ride

Out of the blue I decided to ride my bike after bringing the car to the shop for change oil and tune up. There were a lot of time to kill, and I just assembled my newly cleaned bike, so I rolled!

Reading a lot of training materials, i have few ideas on how to attack my training rides. But, today, I just decided to just spin my way up to Cebu’s leading bike route, Busay!

From Mandaue, it took me 18 minutes to get to the bottom of the climb near JY Square. I timed my ascent from there.

I just kept a high pedaling cadence trying not to use granny. I kind of got into a zone because I have a goal for doing this, unlike when I was just climbing for the sake of riding. This time, my energy is different and I’m trying to visualize my self in a race already. Though, in that race, I’m the slowest.

I got to the last flat before the last steep ascent to the biker’s water/bananacue/itlog/gatorade stop, however, I got to using my granny this time. No excuse, I’m novice, so be gentle with me.

After 12 oz of gatorade and 3 Cloud 9 mini candy bars, I set off going up because my intention was to go down through BUdlaan. I like the trail downhill compared to the road I took going up. Besides, it will train me to negotiate off road downhill.

Got home after an hour and thirty minutes. I’m planning to shave some time going up as I progress on my training.

I burned 1014 kCal of energy. My ave. heart rate is 148 bpm, peak hr is 171 bpm.
I covered a distance of 23.70 kms., ave. velocity of 15.8 km/hr. Max. velocity on the downhill is 47.5 km./hr.

I will try to do two rides per day, one in the early morning and one in the afternoon, with two recovery ride on LSD twice a week.


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