Posted by: Junker | 23 February , 2011

I’m Very Tired

I still feel tired while I’m writing this blog. I just got home from a late afternoon bike ride in one of my favorites, nearby mountain route.

I left home just a few minutes before five in the afternoon. I felt great and motivated at first while I was still on sea level. Then I met another biker before the turn to the mountain route. He pedaled and chatted with me on the way up.  All of a sudden, a motor bike cut to my path and the back-rider got off the bike.

I did my best to pedal my way out of the cutting bike because I didn’t feel right. My new bike buddy, however got blocked by the bike. I kept pedaling, though I also kept looking at my buddy, waiting for him to react to the two bike riders. I’m prepared to get back, pull my knife and attack the two motor-bikers in case they were bike thieves. I know my bike buddy will also pull the knife in his pocket, which I saw when I was still riding behind him on the flat road. Good thing, the motor-bikers just lost their balance because the driver made a mistake of not shifting gears on an uphill road.

Anyway, we had small talks about that incident and my new friend started telling me stories about running, guns and how to acquire one, etc, etc.! Then, I decided I will take five and catch my breath. He continued on and sid he’d just take it easy so I can catch up with him.

I stopped three more time, willing my self to go on. It’s getting dark and cold and I can barely see where I’m going.

For a few minutes there, I was thinking of doing the easy thing. Instead of continuing on my way up, I would go back where I came from and start my way back downhill. Self respect made me continue hehehe!

I can see the street lights on the nearby Busay road and told my self, it would just be a few more minutes and I will be there.

I made it to the main drag and started my 10 minutes of descent. I got no lights, front and rear. Hoping every motorist could see me in my white jersey while I do my 55 per hour roll.


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