Posted by: Junker | 27 October , 2010

My New Tires

Last weekend, I went downtown and bought new pair of tires in a local bike shop. I’m hoping to find and buy the Dred Tread model of Kenda, because it was highly recommended by my bike buddies. I spent some time searching and comparing cross-country tires for my mountain bike in the net before I decided to go and buy.

Convinced of the said tire’s performance, I focused my sight on a pair of Dreds! When I got to the local bike shop where I was told I can get them tires at half the price, they’re sold out.

I asked if they have the Nevegals, my second choice. Voila, the sales person reappeared from the back room with a pair of folding tires. Though, they don’t have the size I need. Anyway, 0.25 inch doesn’t look like there’s much difference. On the plus side, it will be lighter than the 2.1 inch width tires I used to have.

I’ve yet to try these high-knobby tires on trails. Though, when I used it on paved road, I felt the barest of roughness. Practically negligible. The rubber is very sticky, I’m very confident of these. I just hope that I’d get less punctures from these tires.


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