Posted by: Junker | 26 October , 2010

What’s He There For?

Do you know who this man in the picture is? No? If I didn’t hear from youtube what he has said to one unfortunate OFW in Hong Kong, I wouldn’t know who this man is, even if I chance upon him. He is Consulate General Romulo Salud, Labor Attache of the Philippines to Hong Kong.

I don’t know if what I heard from youtube is just an excerpt or an edited version of him speaking, ehrm berating a lady OFW who was being sent back home by her employer just after a day or two. Her contract was terminated and she is seeking help from our consulate in Hong Kong, through this man.

My blood boiled when I heard what he said and did to this unfortunate woman. I’m not attaching the link here, folk. If you want to see and hear what this so-called public servant did to our countryman, you just got to have to find the video yourselves. It’s not difficult to find. And see and judge it yourselves if he has the ‘right’ to do what he did.

I’m angry and it’s only natural that I want justice for the oppressed party, however, I also wanted to see and hear what the Consul has to say about it. He maybe right, but most of the time, they’re not.

What if the OFW wasn’t a woman? What if it’s a man? A big, burly, aggressive man? Would he still do and say what he did? What if it was I he did spoke to?

I’m taught to love even my enemies. Think and do no ill of them. Difficult, but I have to do it. I can’t help but feel for the aggrieved. What makes a man treat other man so low?

Isn’t he there to help the Filipinos in Hong Kong? And if not, what is his job there?


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