Posted by: Junker | 1 October , 2010

Torn Between Two Loves

I have this nagging lower back pain that I kind of aggravated during my last workout session. I’m now taking oral pain reliever and I’m contemplating going to a chiropractor. Tomorrow is Saturday and I’m thinking whether I should go to the gym or ride my bike.

I don’t wanna miss a workout day since I saw developments in my body, however, since I can’t bend to the waist, I also want to ride my bike and go climb to Busay. I love the feeling of my muscle getting punished in the gym and I also like my lungs getting expanded while I do those cardiac-arrest climbs. I don’t wanna miss my exercise concentrations, but I can also get that concentration while chasing my breath going up the hills.

What should I do? If I go workout in the gym, I’ll be stimulating my muscles to grow, because of the anaerobic character of weights training. If I go biking, I’ll be improving my endurance and lung capacity, but I’m also burning muscles in the process due to the aerobic characteristic of pedaling. There are pros and cons but both are beneficial to me.

I don’t wanna aggravate my lower back pain and I don’t want to miss physical activities. I’m such a dork. I should be resting instead of thinking how to expend energy and adding injury to my body.

Well, the solution……I will workout in the gym early in the afternoon tomorrow, then ride my bike later, before dark. Solved!


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