Posted by: Junker | 28 September , 2010

I’m Overwhelmed

The whole day today, there’s nothing in my mind but the thought of reading my Bible and pray. Since this morning, it’s the only thing in my mind. However, my day is filled lots of chores. From rising up, till bed time today, I have a lot to do. From taking out the garbage, cleaning the car, cooking lunch, grill the fish, preparing and cleaning up the table, claiming car registration papers, applying for new internet and landline connection, bathing, feeding and playing with my daughter, and finally tucking her tonight to bed. then, maybe I’ll have the time to read and pray.

I’d like to pray and ask forgiveness so that the Father will hear my prayers; I’d like to pray in thanksgiving for all the blessings our family receives; I would like to pray for my wife and child; I’d like to pray for my parent and brother; To pray for my friends who haven’t accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior; I would like to pray for each of my discipleship group members, and our discipleship group leader. I’d like to pray to God of our church leadership and this country’s leadership.

I would like to ask the Lord to allow me to join the Discipleship Leader’s conference and the special GLC class next month. There are many things I’d like to pray about and I hope I have the endurance tonight and I won’t fall asleep. I hope that I can fight off the sleepiness.

I’m overwhelmed by this desire to have intimacy with my Lord. It is not something that occurs to me in a daily basis and I want to take advantage of it. How I wish I can feel it everyday of my life.


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