Posted by: Junker | 27 September , 2010

The Flag

That photo on top is the Philippine Flag. The historic banner that symbolizes this country. When I was a young man, I used to know every thing that’s in it. Allow me to recount them:

The Red, White and Blue: White is the symbol of Purity and Peace, Blue is the symbol of High political purposes and noble ideals, and Red is the symbol of Bravery and Courage of the Filipinos.

The 3 five-pointed stars stands for the three geographical region of the Philippines, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The white equilateral triangle is the symbol of equality.  The Sun is the symbol of Liberty and Freedom and its 8 rays stands for the first 8 Philippine provinces who fought for our freedom against Spain. Ok, correct me if I’m wrong about these provinces. My memory is slightly cobwebbed in this. Here they are: Bulacan, Batangas, Cavite, Laguna, Pangasinan, Manila, Nueva Ecija and Bataan.

Did I forget anything? The flag is the symbol for which a nation and its people are recognized. It’s the banner you bring in international events. The same banner you wave when you root for a countryman in a contest. It’s the same banner draped over caskets of  fallen heroes, and folded and given to their kins. There is so much in this banner that people even die and gets killed for it.

There are still more stories and anecdotes to be told about this Philippine symbol. So if it is handled carelessly, patriotic Filipinos feel slighted. Especially, when the mistake is made in an international setting such as the meetings of nation leaders in the United Nations.

As Filipinos, we all love this national symbol. But, when the mistake is admitted as honest, for pete’s sake, accept the freaking apologies. What do you want to do, demand apologies to every American in the USA? Learn to forgive people, stop hating others and accept genuine apologies when it’s given to you! Don’t let anger stay in your heart, it will just eat you up inside.

Enough of this issue in the inverted flag in the UN. Will you stop asking if the Philippines is under war, because we all know we’re not!


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