Posted by: Junker | 21 September , 2010


I can’t understand how one man can have two faces at the same time. Ok, how a man can be cool this time and the next, uncool? Can be very warm and suddenly cold? What is it, hypocrisy or something?

Ok, I’m giving the dude the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he’s just affected by problems. He doesn’t feel like he’s friendly. He wants to be distant.

Last night I had a good chat with a friend and he’s also complaining of unwelcome feeling from the people he work with. They are Bible-believing group. Ain’t them suppose to show warmth towards each other, make the other person feel he or she belongs to the group? Aren’t they suppose to be approachable and friendly? Not just being all-business all the time? Doesn’t consider small talks ok? I don’t know. I what goes on in one’s mind. One thing I know is, as co-believers in Christ, we are to love these people, no matter what!

Guess this is one of the reasons why non-believers gets turned off to those who claim they’re Christians and yet showing very un-Christian-like behavior. I can’t blame them, the unbelievers.

Aren’t we suppose to be the representation of Christ here on earth, so that non-believers could be drawn to the love of God?

Why don’t we show our real love for others, our sincerity and genuine concern for other people’s welfare?

I just hope and pray that these behavior change. Only Christ can change a man’s heart. Don’t wait till your heart grow callous that it doesn’t feel Christ’s knocking anymore.


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