Posted by: Junker | 18 September , 2010

A Helping Hand

I’m moved, or shall we say convicted to do something to help a friend in need.

Just took my time today and visited a friend who though doesn’t complain, I can feel in him the struggle to survive. He was so happy to see me as I ease my bike to the parking space he is working as a guard-your-vehicle man. Getting 5 bucks for every vehicle that parks in front of a big department store.

I bought a whole pizza and two bottled drinks for us to share as we shot the breeze. Once in a while he has to excuse himself to attend to some drivers entering or getting out of the small parking area surrounded by imitation sun glasses. Full of respect and humility, he would smile and assist every driver as they come and go.

Gerry is a musician. That’s how I knew him. That’s how I met him, in a music bar, playing his guitar and singing familiar folk and local songs to drinking audience. He’s not someone who would collect screaming followers or groupies. No, he’s very much far from that. He sings as if no one is watching, and plucks his guitar string as if he wanted to deliberately break them. He’s a character.

But, Gerry has an outstanding attitude. Very friendly and devoid of any trace of pride. He’s very welcoming and one wouldn’t feel out-of-place with him.

He doesn’t have any gig now and he supports two grandchildren to school. He’s never married, but he supports his niece”s children. He has a giving heart. Never selfish!

My mind is racing, thinking of ways to get Gerry back on stage and away from the stressful place he is presently in. I was looking at local drinking places where there is stage and microphones for folk singer. I thinking of ways to befriend bar managers to tell about a man who can play with gusto in front of any audience who would care to listen and enjoy his show.

Lord, help me, please to be a blessing to others. I am depending only on You. Only to You I call! Help me to be more Christ-like everyday so that others may see Christ through me. Amen!


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