Posted by: Junker | 16 September , 2010

Trying New Workouts

My forearms were pumped like when I was still climbing. It’s been a long time since I last felt that way. And I can’t close my fingers after “running the rack” today.

I started my workout with 3 sets of flat-bench flyes doing 12 reps each. But, before that, feeling the tightness in my left shoulder, I did 3 sets of plate-halos, using 25 lbs BB plate, in 15 reps per set. Then, I returned to my flyes.

After feeling my chest engorge with blood and my triceps still fresh, I went straight to “running the rack”, flat bench presses. I started with 70lbs DB’s, doing as much as 6 reps. With no rest in-between, I took the 60’s, did another 6 reps, then 50’s in 6’s again, then 40’s, also in 6’s, then 25’s, because someone in the gym took the 30’s. Also in 6 reps.

Those were killer sets. They smoked my forearms as well as my triceps. Took me more than 5 minutes to normalize my breathing.

I set my self for a normal 4 sets of incline presses, using lighter weights, doing 10 reps each set. I followed it up with lateral raises, doing 20 reps per set using 10 lbs DB’s. Then, I did 4 normal sets of seated DB presses using 30’s at 10 reps each.


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