Posted by: Junker | 15 September , 2010

The Archbishop

What’s this with the retired catholic archbishop of Pangasinan telling the world that there’s a jueteng payola beneficiary in the cabinet of Pres. Aquino and yet he’s not giving the names? Is he just being an intrigue-monger? I know he’s against gambling, be it legal or illegal, however, if he’s really serious about his accusation, he should expose the names of this cabinet members!

We citizens, who are very busy finding ways to improve our daily lives do not need to become clairvoyants to guess who he’s talking about. We have no time for that! If you want to expose someone of doing illegal in this new government, and you have the iron-clad proof, then name them!

Please, just don’t make this drama-filled Philippines a lot more dramatic by adding more drama with your suspense-filled accusations. Are you afraid of putting your life in danger if you expose the names? What in the world did you become an archbishop in the first place if you do not have the strong faith in the Almighty God, required of a clergy if you do? At your age you’re still afraid of death?

Don’t speak rubbish, archbishop because I know you wouldn’t. Don’t start now that you’re already retired. Is this just a sign of senility or Alzheimer’s disease? I hope not, too!


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