Posted by: Junker | 11 September , 2010


I just had my carburetor installed yesterday afternoon after a week of no car. No car for my wife going to her work, no car for my daughter going to the mall and no car for me attending my night classes.

It started as a sort of hiccups from the car’s engine and it died while my wife’s about to make a final turn going to our street. She was able to make it run again and drove the poor thing home.

Upon arriving, she handed me the key to the car and I quickly opened the boot and checked on the carburetor. Somehow, I already have an idea where the trouble was. The previous night, i experienced the same and had to run with no AC.

When my local mechanic couldn’t do anything with the carb, I started looking at surplus shops and calling local car dealers for a new one. Still nothing. I was even told that a new one would cost me Php. 31,000.00 plus shipping cost. What the heck?!

I’m getting hopeless when I decided to type “carburetor repair” and a “carburetor expert” appeared in google search.

I quickly dialed the number on the web site and talked to the owner. After explaining to the man on the other end of the line what my carb’s problem was, he told me to send it to him that same day so he can have it repaired. He told me his cost and to give him 4 days max to return my carb in smooth running condition. He is oozing with confidence.

I told my self, maybe this is what I really need…..someone who sounds like he knows what he’s saying. He hasn’t seen my carburetor yet and he’s telling me he will return it after 4 days running “smoothly”. I would’ve clutched my daughter and bring the carb to the nearest cargo forwarder if he said he would restore my dead carburetor to life in 3 days, hehehe!

Anyway, he got the carb the following day and after 2 days, it’s back to me here in Cebu, running like new. He put his money where his mouth is. This guy is the real deal when it comes to carburetor repair. He even had me listen to my carb through phone when he tested it.

Upon installing the newly restored carburetor, I gathered my wife and daughter and we went to the mall. Hahaha!


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