Posted by: Junker | 24 August , 2010

Heavy Stuff

I did just 3 exercises in the gym today for my back training. Just 3 and I can’t even make a complete 6 reps of the last exercise.

After more than a week of not exercising my back, I hit it with 6 sets of heavy barbell rows, not including the 2 sets of warm up sets. I started with 100 lbs for 10 reps and added weight in increments of 10 lbs. However, when I got to 140 lbs, I didn’t add anymore and did last sets in this weight.

I rested a bit because my biceps are already fried. I didn’t think I could do my 2nd exercise due to the lactic acid build up in my biceps. They are painful and my forearms went numb after every set of barbell rows. Anyway, these was what’s in my mind to do and I’m bent to do them so I proceeded with the seated cable rows.

One again, I started with light 2-set warm up. Doing 12 reps each. By the way, I did 10 reps for all the barbell row sets I did. The plates in the seated cable row machine has no indication of how much of weight each, so I just inserted the pin lower so I can pull more weights.

A did another 6 sets of 10’s. At the count of 8, I can only barely touch my torso with the handle. My biceps got fried once more.

I did a miserable 4-sets of pull-ups doing max of 4 reps per set before I head out of the gym. This time, my biceps are already smoked!


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