Posted by: Junker | 10 August , 2010

Paint Fumes In the Gym

The dumbbells in our gym are repainted and the paint fumes is wafting in the whole area making my head spin. Not wanting to waste my day, I still did work out but not the whole routine for my back. I did 4 sets of pull-ups at 10 reps each, 6 sets of bent-over rows at 100 lbs and 120 lbs for the last 2 sets. All for 10 reps. then I followed it up with T-bar rows, however, I didn’t like how it feels so I went to the seated cable rows and did 6 heavy sets at 10 reps each.

Since I can’t do dumbbell rows, I just increased the sets for the above mentioned exercises to compensate. I ended my workout with 6 sets of barbell curls using 40 lbs for 2 sets,  60 lbs for another 3 sets and back to 40 for the last set.

I immediately went out after I changed my clothes. My head still aches as of this writing.


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