Posted by: Junker | 7 August , 2010

It Hurts, Therefore It works

I posted yesterday morning in my twitter account,, that I will do heavy chest workouts in the afternoon. And I was hoping there should be other people to spot for me when I lift heavy weights. Well, I did lift heavy weights however, no people to spot for me. There was just one guy who I think is a beginner in weight training, so I didn’t dare ask him to spot my exercises.

Upon signing in, I launched a relentless attack on my rear deltoids. Starting with 4 sets of bent-over reverse flyes, doing 4 sets of 20’s using 10 lb weights on each hand. I got this exercise from a video of Chris Cook I saw on youtube. The man is right, we must use light weights and many reps in exercising the rear delts, and using correct form targets this part specifically.

After completing the 4 sets, I grabbed a 4-lb mini dumbbell and did the lying side-way db raises. I lied on my sides and did 20 reps again of rear delt exercises. Again, this is another exercise I got from Cook’s video. And It works. I find it becoming difficult to lift the weights when I get to rep 15 and up. It hurts!

I rested a bit and went to attacking my pecs/chest. I started with 40 lbs of db’s on incline presses, doing 10 reps. Then, I did the last 3 sets using 50 lb db’s, doing 10 reps as well. I don’t do my gym sessions the same order as the last. I try to scramble my workout because I think I can confuse my muscle that way and force them to grow. That’s what other body builders think, too.

I didn’t give my pecs much time to recover and I gave it another punishment. 4 sets of heavy flat-bench db presses.I started with 50 lbs on each arm, doing 10 reps, then 60 lbs at 10, and 2 sets of 70 lbs for max of 6 reps each. My triceps are fried from pushing these weights. Told my self, someday I will be using the last set of dumbbells for my pec workouts, the 80 pounders. I know it won’t be long.

My next exercise was 4 sets of 10’s of dips. My triceps are really working on overdrive yesterday. They look bigger than my biceps.

I finished my chest workouts with 4 sets of flat-bench flyes. First set of 10 reps, I used 25 lb db’s and did the last 3 with 30 lbs at 10 reps as well.

When I started my shoulder workout with seated shoulder presses, I couldn’t raise the db’s over my head, so immediately I shifted to upright rows. This way I may be able to rest my triceps by doing pull exercises. I did 4 sets of 10’s at 50 lbs. Then increased the weights to 60 lbs and did my last 2 at 70 lbs completing 10 reps each, even though I’m fried by the 6th to 10th.

Came follow the seated presses on machines. I might get hurt if I do the dumbbells, that’s why I chose the machine.

I started with 20 lbs, then 40 and completed the last 2 on 60 lbs. Man, this is hard!

I ended my workout with 4 sets of one-arm lateral raises. 2 sets using 20-lb db’s and the last 2 using 25 lbs, all at 10 reps. Immediately I drank my 5mg creatine on grape juice and left. No cool downs for me, as always since I was a sportclimber. I just don’t do cool downs, I find it boring.


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