Posted by: Junker | 5 August , 2010

Workout of the Day, 1

I felt like I hit a jackpot when I read in a back issue of Men’s Health magazine that Bent-over barbell rows is the best workout for gaining thickness and symmetry to one’s back. I just did some heavy rowing as an opening exercise for my back today. That was super cool news, since I always do bent-over barbell rows during my back trainings.

I warmed up with 100 lbs and worked my way to 6 sets up to 130 lbs. Boy, it fried my biceps pulling those weights.

I then rested for a bit and went to do 4 sets of wide-grip pull-ups at 10 reps each. During this time in-between pull-ups that I read about the benefits of bent-over rows over other back workouts. I did 4 sets of seated cable rows then the barbell bending exercises.

I went to the db rack and did 4 sets of one-arm db rows starting with 50, then 60 and two sets of 70 lbs db.

I ended my gym session with six sets of barbell curls up to 40 lbs, doing 6 reps each set.

I take 5 mg of micronized creatine powder before and after my sessions. I then followed it up with 300 ml of soya milk to augment my protein intake.


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