Posted by: Junker | 3 August , 2010

3 August Workout

This afternoon I did my chest and deltoids workout. I started on the machine that simulates decline presses. I did 2 warm up sets of 20’s of light weights. Then worked my way from 100 up to 140 lbs doing 8-10 reps in 4 sets.

I immediately followed it up with 6 sets of dips in 8 reps. Then came 4 sets of  flyes using 30 lb dumbbells, doing 10 reps each.

I had my turn in the incline bench and did 4 sets in 10 reps each starting with 40 lbs, then 45 and did 2 sets of 50’s.

I rested a while before I started my delts workouts doing bent-over lateral raises. Used 30 lb db’s for 2 sets of 10’s then switched to 25’s doing 2 more sets of 10’s each.

I did seated military presses afterward, doing 10 reps per set of 50 lbs. Then, db lateral raises, using 25 lb db’s. I did 10 reps per arm of 4 sets.

And finally for deltoids, its 4 sets of upright rows of 10 reps using 70 lb weights.

As a parting shot to my gym session, I did 4 sets of hammer curl in 6 reps each using 30 lbs db’s. then I went home on my bike with very pumped biceps.


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