Posted by: Junker | 3 August , 2010

2 August 2010 Workout

Yesterday I went to the gym without eating lunch. I’m not hungry since I ate Ice cream late in the morning.

I  immediately went to the seated cable row machine and did 2 warm up sets of 20 reps each. I can feel the skin on my back tighten. Then I increased the weight and did 6 sets of heavy pulling at 8 reps each. Now, I can feel my biceps really straining.

Then, I followed another fellow doing barbell-bending exercise that seems to hit his lower back. It is similar to ‘good morning’ except that he’s holding the bar instead of carrying it on his shoulders. I did 4 sets of 12 reps each and today, I can feel the effect behind my legs. Guess I’ll add that exercise to my back routine from now on.

After that, I did 6 sets of barbell rows up to 130 lbs. doing 10 reps per set. And after that, I went to the dumbbell rack and did 2 sets of one-arm row of 50 lbs at 10 reps each, and 4 sets of 60 lbs, also at 10 reps each. This one really fried my biceps and I was thinking of not doing any bicep workout that day.

I finished my back workouts with light lat pull-down exercises. 4 sets in 10 reps each. Then, I finished my gym session with 4 sets of one-arm preacher curls. That’s it for my bicep workout, just one exercise.I decided I’ll workout my biceps on Saturday.

I planned my back workout to focus on thickness instead of lat size, that’s why I did a lot of pulling toward my torso.

I really need an accurate weighing scale to monitor my weight!!


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