Posted by: Junker | 17 July , 2010

Back On the saddle

I can still feel the strain in my legs of my mountain bike ride this afternoon on the hills of Busay, my usual solo ride locale. After many imaginations and planning to ride again, it finally happened. I’m happy.

Following the Tour de France makes a difference, I’m inspired! Truly, inspiration is one of the key ingredients in sports training. Just after lunch today, I decided I will ride and go up the hills for a short afternoon roll. I installed the newly cleaned and lubricated chain and dusted off my bike. The last time I rode was in 2 June, the day before I started working out in a weights gym.

It was just a short ride on a very steep road. Total ride time is 1:19’48 and I covered a distance of 22.49 km. My average heart rate is 143 beats per minute and the maximum is 177 bpm. I’m out of shape, I know.

It took me 34 minutes to complete the climb from the corner leading to the road up to the popular bikers’ rest-stop near the Chateau de Busay.

Nearing the end of the climb, I notice a rider behind me. I thought it was a roadie. It turned out to be JD, one of my biking friends who regularly climb at Busay and joins races. He is a strong rider.

While riding, I feel some pain in my lower back. I must have strained my back from lifting heavy weights in the gym without the support of weight-lifting belt. I reminded my self to do some lower back floor exercises to strengthen it. Nevertheless, it was a “cool” ride except to the increased number of vehicle passing by the road. It’s weekend, so probably a lot of people are going to the mountains or to the city of Toledo.

Wasn’t able to take photos. After a couple of bottles of Gatorade and some catching up with JD, we decided to go down before dark comes. My peak velocity on the downhill is 56.8 km/hr., and switched to big gears on the flats cruising at 36 km/hr max.

So far, so good. Just a hint of calf and thigh crams, but nothing serious! I hope I can do this more frequently in between my weights training.


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