Posted by: Junker | 16 July , 2010

On The Road To…………Whatever!

Well, I’m inspired by someone who won Leadville 100 numerous times to write a blog about my workouts. I entitled this first as On The Road To…..Whatever because I’m just working out for no other reason but be fit. Not for competition or anything, just plain fitness. But, I’m hoping to gain 20kg by the end of the year. I started at 70kg and I haven’t weigh again for a month now. I’m now on my 6th week of weight training and I can see significant gains and musculature in my physique.

90kg sounds heavy for a mountain biker like me. At least I have a goal for now. My plan of joining mountain biking races hasn’t come to fruition yet. I have not entered into any bike race this year, for some reasons I can’t explain my self.

Anyway, today I did some back and biceps workouts. I started just before 1400.

I started with 6 sets of wide-grip pull-ups in 10 repetitions each, rest in-between varies from 2-3 minutes. Doesn’t matter much to me. I followed it up with barbell bent-over rows. Here’s my sequence: 1st set 70 lbs, 20 reps      2nd set 90 lbs, 12 reps     3rd set 110 lbs, 10 reps    4th set 130 lbs, 10 reps and 5th set 140 lbs, 10 reps.

I went straight to seated pulley rows. I did 4 moderately heavy sets with 10 reps each. I didn’t know how much I pulled because weights are not indicated in the plates of the equipment. After which, I did a quick 4 sets of wide lat pull-downs in lighter weight. I did this just to warm my lats for my final back exercises, one-arm dumbbell rows. Using 50-lb dumbbell, I did 10 repetitions for each arm as a warm up set. Then I used 60-lb dumbbell for the next 3 sets doing 10 reps each.

After a brief rest and two bottles of Gatorade, I started my biceps routines. I started with concentration curls using 50-lb dumbbells doing 4 reps for each arm. I did a total of 4 sets for this exercise. Then, using 30-lb dumbbells, I did 4 sets of hammer curls doing 7-10 reps each. By this time, lactic acid in my arms are now affecting my strength. I couldn’t keep up with doing 10 reps per set anymore. Using the same 30-lb dumbbells, I ended my workout with 4 sets of another concentration curls in descending repetitions of 6-5-4-4.

While I was in the middle of my workout, I was thinking of cross-training by riding my bike in the mornings twice or thrice a week. If I do this, I don’t think I’ll be able to get to 90kg weight by the end of the year. But, either I’ll be fit as a racing horse or sick as hell if I don’t watch my diet and supplementation.

I took micronized creatine for four weeks and I’m periodizing by not taking it for two weeks.

For now, this is my training for today. And by the way, it’s the last day for the week, Friday. Saturday and Sunday are usually rest days for me.


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