Posted by: Junker | 17 May , 2010


My first stop was Tagbilaran, Bohol. 3 May 2010.

The 1st of May is the country’s Labor Day and the provincial capital’s fiesta. A lot of people from all over go to Tagbilaran that Saturday to celebrate the fiesta and to have relaxing weekend.

The president of the land declared Monday, 3 May 2010 a holiday since Labor Day fell on a Saturday.

I booked my ferry ride going to Tagbilaran but not the ride back to Cebu, knowing that I won’t take long in the city and I’ll be back as soon as I finish my easy job. I was wrong, very wrong!

I arrived at about 10 am in Tagbilaran and went straight to my destination, a mall in the heart of the city. It was a quick job, that I even took a while to eat sandwich and find something to bring home to my kid. Then, called a friend in Manila and chatted for a while at the mall steps. Then, took a trike and left for the pier where I planned to buy my ticket on my way back to cebu.

1pm, I’m the only one in the pier except for some employees manning the pier and ticketing offices.

I asked the ticket-seller behind the window if I can get the first vessel out in the afternoon for Cebu. She told me all trips are fully booked. Oh my! The ground beneath me crumbled. I asked if there’s a way I can be in the next vessel, and got the same reply. So I took a gamble and asked to be listed in the chance passenger. I was Number 5.

I went to the next window and asked if there’s still available slot I can buy for the trip back to Cebu. But, just the same, all their trips that day were fully booked. I asked if I can be in the chance passenger list, I was Number 2.

At half past 2 in the afternoon, the vessel bringing passengers to Cebu arrived and chance passengers were called. Numbers 1, 3 and 4 were given tickets. I asked the seller at the window if there’s still more, I’m number 5. Only three seats were available. Damn, there’s no more ground for me to walk on.

I waited for an hour and a half more for the next trip. The ticket seller assured us, chance passengers that we will be called 15 minutes before the vessel leaves the port.

The time came and our numbers were called. Number 1 was nowhere to be found, or he didn’t hear the call. I don’t know! I’m almost jumping in excitement! Hah! The lady behind the window took my number and gave me ticket. Doesn’t matter where she seats me, as long as I will be on that boat back to Cebu.

I said a silent prayer when I finally boarded the boat. What a mistake I didn’t see. I now know not to travel on those days to Tagbilaran or, book my tickets round trip in advance.


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