Posted by: Junker | 11 January , 2010

Post-Group Ride Post

Well, my first group ride for 2010 happened yesterday, Sunday.

I woke up before 5am on a text message from Larry. I boiled water and drank my coffee and left the house at exactly 5:30am. Met Larry at the corner of our street and we proceeded to our rendezvous in Shell gas station in Lahug.

There were a few bikers already when we arrived and the marathon runner is passing on the opposite lane of the road.

Most of the riders that came were folding bike riders, courtesy of Habagat, led by Sir Dindo Sugatan.

The advocate of this Bike For Hope, Sen. Pia Cayetano ran on the 5k edition of the Sinulog marathon before coming to join us in the ride. So, we started our ride past 8 am already.

After some brief introductions and picture-taking, we’re finally able to ride and went straight to downtown Cebu. First stop, Carbon Market.

Upon entering the market, the lady senator dismounted her road bike and went walking along the stalls of sidewalk vendors. We, on the other hand detoured to a more lesser crowded streets of the market area and waited for the senator to come out of the other end of the street. There, we ate some muffins and bought bananas.

When the senator emerged from the crowded market place, there was a short ambush interview from a local media, more picture takings and then we proceeded with our ride. Next stop, Shangrilla, Mactan.

It’s getting late and the sun is becoming hotter. I still have to worship thaqt morning at 10:30 am, so when the entourage passed by Park Mall in reclamation area, I turned left and went straight home.

We were given, at least the first 30 riders in our group, cycling jersey bearing the name of the lady senator and her advocacy Pinay In Action. Shell station gave us something to eat, either noodles or nesvita instant oat and some water.

I was on the saddle for 1 hr, 15 mins and covered a total of 21.47 kms.

Nothing really serious but a ride nonetheless.


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