Posted by: Junker | 6 January , 2010

New Year’s Resolution

Last year, I decided I will compete in cross-country races on my 40th year and 5th year as a biker. I’d like to see how far can I still go in my 40’s.

I knew right away that this will not be very easy. Well, the last time I was in very good shape was 10 years ago, in 2000. I stand 5’9″ tall, 135 lbs and with 3-4% body fat, which doctors told me very abnormal for a man. But, I was a competitive sportclimber then. I maybe severly underweight, but I’m as strong as an ox. That was then.

This time, I already committed to my plan of competing in races, anywhere. I already started a gradual upgrade of my bike and plotted my training plans. I just gotta have to put it into reality. I’ll just have to finish all my obligations this new year; business permit renewal, my dad-in-law’s surgery, etc., and I’m set to go.

As of now, I’m monitoring my daily resting heart rate, weight and blood pressure. Though my bp is stable at 110/70, my resting heart rate is not and I need to ride more often per week to reduce my weight. I’m 150 lbs. I guess 140-145 lbs would be ideal racing weight.

My RHR fluctuates between 55-62 bpms and my sleep lenghts vary from 6-9 hours. I also started eating oats now to help me get the fiber and protein in my diet.

The maximum heart rate for my age, 39 is 181 bpm, my target zone is anything between 117-144 bpm and my Lactate threshold is 185 bpm.

Now, these figures are my targets and ideal conditions on training and in races.


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