Posted by: Junker | 26 November , 2009


My car is an old Nissan Sentra ’92. From Luzon, I brought it here in time for my daughter’s arrival in this world last year. Let’s call the car Brownie as a term of endearment.

Brownie’s been very faithful to our family, however, due to its age, Brownie often gets sick. Once last summer, it was rearended by a bigger Crosswind while I’m lining in a fastfood drive thru. Brownie’s left fender, headlight and parts of bumper is damaged. It’s back to its original look after just a week. Thank much to God, the Crosswind driver paid for its repair.

There were more things happened to Brownie and there’s a lot of its parts has been replaced already; the alternator and most recent major replacement was its transmission. For a while, Brownie is running smoothly until yesterday. On our way to the hospital for my daughter’s vaccination, all of a sudden, Brownie had a very high fever. Its temperature reached the maximum. Fortunately, there was a place to stop on the side of the road. My wife and child and the nanny just took a cab and I was left behind to sort things out. Brownie is leaking water big time!

I bought 3 500ml bottled water in a nearby bar and poured everything into Brownie’s radiator. And when its temperature normalized, I drove Brownie home. At the last hundred meters or so, its temperature is rising again, and before I could get to the driveway, its almost reaching the maximum again.

I tried checking where the leaking water was coming from. I couldn’t see it because it’s situated at the back of the engine block where the back of the engine facing the back of the car’s dashboard. So, I just tried cooling the car by pouring water from our outdoor tap.

When my family arrived, I was able to enter the house, took the digital camera and took photos of the supposed location of the leak. I couldn’t clearly see where its coming from because a kind of bracing is blocking the view but I saw a sort of hose in it. A rusty hose, probably the source of leak. A lot of things are already runnning in my mind and I’m getting pissed off. Good thing my friend who’s a local car racer here called and told me a number of reasons why water is leaking big time and where it might be coming from.

After eating lunch and running some errands, I brought Brownie to my trusted car doctor (mechanic) nearby. After an hour or so, voila, Brownie is well again. The lower radiator hose is worn and cannot hold the water inside the engine’s water jacket anymore. I bought new hose, saw a roadkill in the process, also a bottle each of radiator flush and coolant. Paid the mechanic and said my thanks and went back home.

At home, in the garage, I opened the radiator cap and to my wild surprise, hot boiling water surge upwards hitting me to my right  and face. My left eyelid hurts and right thumb, but nothing really serious.

I let the radiator cool down for a while and I put some burn ointments to my burns.

When the radiator cool down, I removed the radiator plug and released the water. I ran water and allowed the radiator to cool some more and went to the process of flushing and refilling the radiator with water and coolant.


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