Posted by: Junker | 26 November , 2009

A Short Ride

I went on a short city ride this morning, going to Banawa to inspect a house under construction for a friend. I used low gearing and high cadence considering my ride as a prelude to the training I will do in the future. When is that future? I really have no plan as of now as to when.

Anyway, when I reached my destination, I feel like I wanna throw up and my knees are buckling. My vision is getting narrower and having light-headed sensation. A signal that I’m hungry and running low on sugar in my blood. This is usually remedied with candies or soda. So, after inspecting the ongoing construction and asking a few questions to the contractor,   and pedaled to the nearby burger joint and ordered spaghetti with soda on the go. I ate my pasta on the gutter and instantly, my strength returned and continued my ride downtown to visit a friend. He wasn’t home, so I just left and went back home.

My total distance covered is 22.35 km, 1 hour 21 minutes and 17 sec. My average speed (ascent and descent included) is 16.5 km/hr. My maximum velocity is 41.80 km/hr.

Riding my trusted Mr. Junk is always a sweet experience, add to that the wind and sunshine to my skin, hmmmm! I just hope I can do my training rides and races next year.


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