Posted by: Junker | 17 November , 2009

Where Was I?

It’ll be two months tomorrow when I last posted here in my blog. I chose to change the title to ‘Life On and Off the Saddle’ because I haven’t done many cycling the past two months and I missed writing blogs. So, the title would be appropriate, because I can write even when I’m not riding my bike.

What have I been doing, you would ask. Uhm, let’s see. I’ve been doing what I normally do in a day-to-day. In the morning after waking up, I drink 4 glasses (640 ml.) of water and wait 45 minutes before eating breakfast or drinking my morning coffee. This is my water therapy which I pick up from our Ninang Fely. I’ve been doing this since July of this year, with no gap. My present blood pressure is 110/70, aint it amazing?

Then, I’ll read my Bible from where I left off. I’m trying to read my Bible in a year. I’m still in the book of Proverbs, and it’s already November. Hmmm, I don’t know if I can finish it before the year ends. Then I’ll go out and either dust or wash the car before my wife use it for her clinic work.

When 45 minutes has passed, I’ll fix my self my morning coffee, then cook breakfast. In-between, I’ll do morning exercises; 30 repetitions of push-ups in 4-6 sets, or 15 repetitions of pull-ups in sets of 6. Then, I’ll sweep the floor.

After my wife leaves for work, I’ll be preparing frozen meat for our lunch. She comes home for lunch. I’ll be watching news on tv or sit in front of my computer to check on my emails and forum replies. I maintain 4 email addresses and signs in on many forums; bicycling and car forums, mostly. I wanted to know more about DIY car repair and maintenance.

Then, I’ll play with my daughter when she wakes up from her morning nap.

Twice a week, I drive my wife to the hospital for her over-night duties, and pick her up the following morning bringing her to her clinic. My wife has two jobs, you know.

A couple of months ago I decided not to return to my work as a rope access technical consultant. Last month, I submitted job applications to two companies, 1 a construction and the other a call center. Both jobs I applied for has something to do with my profession as an engineer.

On Saturdays, I bring out the laundry and washed them altogether and on Sundays, we go worship as a family. Do our weekly grocery and eat our lunch. Then, go home.

More or less, that’s my routine, unless there are invitations from friends.



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