Posted by: Junker | 18 September , 2009

Mountain Bike vs. Folding Bike

No, there wasn’t a race between mountain bike and a Japanese folding bike, my friend Meo and I just had a leasurely ride yesterday around the cities of Cebu, Mandaue and Mactan. The difference is, I’m onmy mountain bike and Meo on his folding bike with very small wheels.


However, those differences didn’t matter at all. In fact, it was a very beneficial ride for me, because I didn’t have to to zoom along the roads. Further more, I got to spin a lot using low gearing while riding behind Meo.

It was a very nice afternoon after it rained in the late morning when we started our ride yesterday. Though the streets are wet with puddles here and there, the ride was a good one.

Our initial plan was to go to the northern tip of  the island of Mactan in Punta Engano, however, Meo, on his small-wheeled folding bike got very tired so we just hit it till the Lapu-lapu shrine.

Going up the old Opon bridge, Meo had to get off his bike because he can’t pedal up it. So, I did the same so we can talk while walking our bikes. But, halfway down after the crest of the bridge, i ride my bike and waited for meo to reach the lower abutment because I had to pump more air to my rear tire.

On the way to Punta Engano, near the Big Foot school of film making, we saw vehicular accident between a light truck and a passenger jeepney, which caused a minor traffick jam.

We took several photos in the shrine, without our bikes because we were told bikes are not allowed inside the shrine. I just didn’t argue with the guards, though I saw some bicycle parked inside the shrine near the tomb of Ferdinand Magellan. We left right away after some photos and looked for a bakeshop to eat and drink before heading back to Mandaue and Cebu.


This time, on the way back, we took the new Marcelo Fernan bridge and took some more photos at the crest.



Going up the bridge, Meo elected to ride his bike this time. Though, it was a ver slow pace going down. He’s not very skilled in fast downhill just yet.

My total time on the saddle, 2:47’47. Total distance covered is 38.15 kms., Our average speed is 13.50 km/hr. and my maximum speed on the bridge downhill is 32.90 km/hr. My total odometer reading yesterday is 786.60 km.


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