Posted by: Junker | 10 September , 2009

Saddle Height

Since I’m biking more frequently nowadays, I’d like to test if my pedaling will improve in the technique I read in bike training manual. It says that I measure from my crotch to the ground while standing wearing socks and feet 6 inches apart. Now, the resulting length will be multiplied to 0.883. I just don’t know if I should measure in inches, centimeters, feet or meter.

Anyways, I used centimeter since I’m used to metric system. Then, the resulting product will be the distance from the middle of the bike crank to the top of a level saddle, in line with the bike’s seat tube.

When I measured my saddle height after getting the length from this formula, I found my saddle height a little below the resulting length of about 2 centimeters. Well, When I used my old method of measuring saddle height, my foot is barely brushing the ground while the other is on the pedal. If I adjusted my seat higher, I wouldn’t be able to reach the ground when I stop pedalling¬† on intersections.

Never mind, I’ll try this technique on my ride later today and see what difference it will make in my pedalling and overall biking efficiency.


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