Posted by: Junker | 9 September , 2009

Missing Link

The plan was to climb the Busay hills and go to Mt. View resort where we will go on a short trail, some single track and scary downhill then back where we came from. A kind of bike around the hills then back. However, my visiting friendfrom Manila lost his chain link, the small pieces of links that connects the bicycle chain, while we’re on the second part of our climb. The first part was from Lahug, sea level, to Willy’s the local bikers’ hub in Busay.




Not very far away from Willy’s, Yukon, my friend shifted his gear on the uphill and all of a sudden the chain on his bike fell to the ground. I saw one of the two linksbouned off the grass on the road side. I don’t kow but we tried for more than 10 minutes, I think looking for the missing link, but we couldn’t see it. I saw where it bounced off, and I never took my eyes off it when I dismountaed my bike and ran to the place.

We went back to Willy’s place to see if we can borrow chain breaker or buy a spare chain link from the bikers taking their rest there. No one brought a spare chain link and no one has a chain breaker, whew. So, we dicided to just go down to look for a local bike shop. We even tried my bike-mechanic friend who has a shop at the bottom of the hill. NONE!

We went straight to the local bike shops in downtown. we’re fortunate to find them open this holiday. I lead Yukon on downhill roads and pushed him on flats until we reached the LBS.

the first one has no link for 9 speed bikes, only for 10’s. In the other LBS with very unfreindly sellers, told me they don’t have any “chain ring”. When Yukon asked, the lady seller told him they have. She needs to clean her ears more frequently, I guess.


So, the chain link is bought and installed, we just went back to my friend’s hotel, ate lunch and after an hour of watching tv in his room, I left.

I still have to look for surplus transmission for my car, so before going home I made the rounds of surplus shops near my place.

My bike ride totals 2:43’41 actual saddle time, 35.03 kms, 12.80 km/hr average velocity and 55.80 km/hr maximum velocity on the downhill. My total odometer reading is 748.50 kms.


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