Posted by: Junker | 7 September , 2009

I’m Biking In The Rain

It’s been years since the last time I ride my bike in really strong rain. I was still in Luzon then. And today, I ride under the rain again, here in Cebu!

A visiting bike buddy brought his bike and asked me to bring him on a ride in the popular riding area here. He arrived 10 am from Manila, so I told him we can ride after lunch. The sun was shining and it hasn’t been raining so I thought it wont rain. I left the house in Mandaue after lunch and met my friend at the entrance of his hotel. It started raining when we start biking, it didnt start out as shower, it was a downpour and we ride straight to our destination…..the hills of Busay. Objective (for him), Tops garden.


That’s me on top, trying hard not to stop on this continuous uphill climb.

We stopped for a while at a biker-popular sari-sari store, drank soda and catch up on each other. Before our clothes dried on our bodies, we continued with our ride going to Tops. That’s another more or less 2 kilometers of uphill climb.

When we reach the junction of the highway and the road leading to Tops Garden, I decided to stay behind and just wait for my friend at the view deck. I bought bottled ice tea, took out my jersey and dried it in the wind. It’s a good 15-20 minutes before my friend appeared on the junction again.


On top is the view from the view deck at the junction. The city can not be seen from all the clouds that covers Cebu City and the nearby islands of Mactan and Olango.


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