Posted by: Junker | 5 September , 2009

Car Trouble

I know, this is supposed to be about my biking blog, however, This thing caused me to miss my ride today, so, I’d rather share it here. it’s my car’s CV (continuous acceleration) joint that’s making the noise underneath, every time I accelerate.

The mechanic told me, I can still use my car, though I have to run relatively slow, I can’t run my usual quick speed until the CV joint is fixed. That will be on Monday after I bring my wife to work in the morning. They will look under the car and see if that’s really the problem.

When I let my head mechanic in the car and let him listen to the sound, he readily told me it’s the CV joint. I decided it needed replacement so I asked how much it would cost me. Quickly, he replied 2.5k for the whole assembly. Though, he told me to look for cheaper alternative.

So, when I picked my wife from work before lunch time, we passed by surplus shops my friend showed me when I needed a replacement for my alternator, Yeah, yeah I know my car has a lot of problems. It’s old, ok. Anyway, I’m told they have a replacement part (CV joint) for my car and would cost me just 1.6k per assembly. We’re relieved to learnwe didn’t have to shell out more than 2k for it. We just hope that it’s just one of those 2 cv joints that is damaged.

Well, that’s life with my car, every week some trouble will come out hehehehe!


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