Posted by: Junker | 4 September , 2009



I have no intention of replacing or buying anything for my bike. In fact, I haven’t bought anything for it since my daughter was born last year. I’d put my baby first before my bike, and besides, there’s nothing to replace with my bike.

However, a very influential friend asked me to find an integrated headset here in Cebu for him. He is asking for an FSA integrated headset. So, I got the chance to go to downtown yesterday and look for the headset he wanted. I found what he wanted on the second LBS I went to. I immediately called him and told him, there are stocks and with prices lower than what he expected. These headsets are in various attractive colors and instantly I wanted one for my bike, too. I’d like to replace the stock headset that came with the frame when I bought it.

There were toner blue and combination black and blue stocks available in the LBS, however, when I searched for FSA on the net, the only colors i saw were combination on black and red. No blue in sight. So, I was thinking if what they’re selling are the real thing or good imitation. And further more, would any of these headsets fit in my KHS Alite 500 frame?

On top is a beautiful headset specimen I got in the net, and I still don’t know if that would fit to my frame.

I remember my friend telling me that my frame needs an A-head headset instead if the standard ones. I’m not very particular with many parts of my bike, as long as it works ok and weigh less, that’s fine with me. I really don’t know the difference between integrated and A-head headset.

Would anyone out there, please help me on this? It doesn’t necessarily mean I’d replace my headset, but just in case I needed to, I’d like to know what to look for.

Thanks folks! Ride Hard and Safe!


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