Posted by: Junker | 3 September , 2009

My Latest Ride

Saturday, 29 August was my last ride with a long-gone bike buddy Larry Honorides. T’was jus a 3-hour ride starting from our place in Mandaue then climbing the hills of Busay, in Cebu.

We took a short break at Willy’s place. Ate fried banana, drank soda’s and had a little chat while catching our breaths, mine mostly, for Larry is a regular biker.

We continued until the Mountain View Resort junction. We took it’s uphill, but paved road until we reach hard-packed trails. We passed by some sari-sari stores and side-street fruit vendors. Then, we had to turn back because Larry decided to buy green bananas. I bought soda while Larry eats some of the bananas he bought, and he gave me one.

Then, we continued our ride until we reach the downhill part of our ride! I’m relieved! There were single-track, hard-pack and paved road on this downhill. The paved road is scary because if your brakes are weak, you could be flying off its sharp bends. Totally exhilarating ride until we exited the same road of Busay just behind Tops, before the Cebu Ayala Heights.

It’s another continuous uphill climb in the middle of the day and I was marinating in lactic acid. I had to stop for the 3rd or 4th time, maybe. I can’t remember anymore, while Larry is mashing big gears!

And when I reach that junction going to Cebu Tops and down to Lahug, Larry was there sitting n the grass, eating his banana! It’s the last uphill of the ride and all downhill   at sea-level, yiiipeeeee! However, we stopped by sweet corn vendors on a flat part of the ride going down. Larry bought 2 kg of sweet corn. Then, downhill again, yiiipeeeee!

My total time on the saddle is 3:03’12. I set my cyclometer to automatic so it stops everything it counts when I stop my bike. The total distance we covered, back-to-back is 35.96 kms. And my average velocity is 11.7 km/hr. The fast downhill velocity helped it get to more than 10 km/hr, or else, it could be well below 5km/hr. if not. My maximum velocity on the downhill part is 57.80 km/hr.

My total odometer reading since I reset it is 681.40 kms.

No photos of this ride


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