Posted by: Junker | 3 September , 2009

Drive Train Clean-up

I just finished cleaning my drive train and rear disc brake.

It’s been a while since I last thoroughly clean these parts of my bike. I remove the cogs, disc and the chain, but I left the deraillure attached to the frame.  The dirt from my rides accumulated already and had to re-grease some parts.

Though I’m bothered by my use of kerosene in degreasing my chain ang cleaning the cogs, I still used it. I just poured the dirty kerosene on dirty rugs. I don’t pour it on the ground or waterways.

After my chain dried out, I poured mechanical oil using old toothbrush. When the oil settled in the chain links, I used a rug for wiping the excess oil. I rotate the crank many times while holding the rug around the chain.

Whew, now it’s clean. it looks goodnow and I’m feeling great.


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